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'The Healing Powers of Art'

Art therapy gives veterans a creative outlet for expressing emotions, coping with PTSD
Art therapy for veterans
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Healing Invisible Wounds

Ashton Kroner shares her story about getting help for — and helping others with — PTSD
Ashton Kroner
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How Veterans Serve Communities Beyond Active Duty

Veteran Ray Prieto shares his story and explains the importance of supporting veterans and their families year-round
Ray Prieto from Rush Road Home Program with wife, three kids and battalion behind him.
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The Road Home Program: The National Center of Excellence for Veterans and Their Families at RUSH

A short film with Sarah Smith and Sergio Alfaro. This is their journey to the Road Home Program.
Patient Stories

Sergio's Story

The Road Home Program helped this veteran cope with PTSD
Sergio Alfaro
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Expanding Care for Veterans and Their Families

Wounded Warrior Project will provide $45 million to Rush
Expanding Veteran's Care
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$45 Million Grant Expands Veterans Services

A $45 million grant from Wounded Warrior Project greatly expands veterans services at Rush
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Helping Veterans on Their Road Home

Veterans tell how they found the support they needed on their road home
Patient Stories

Eric's Story

Coping with depression after his military service, Eric turned to the Center for Veterans and Their Families at Rush for help
Mental & Behavioral Health

Filling Gaps in Care for Vets

'PTSD boot camp' delivers innovative, intensive therapy