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Practice Sun Safety To Prevent Skin Cancer

Every day, nearly 20 Americans die of melanoma. Dermatologist Arjun Dayal, MD, encourages prevention and early detection
Applying sunscreen
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Kim's Story

Finding melanoma during a cosmetic treatment saved young mom's life
Kim Hartley
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Kathy's Story

How a seemingly small skin cancer required a complex facial reconstructive surgery
Kathy and Peter Revenaugh, MD
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Helen's Story

Going the distance to get life- and limb-saving care for melanoma
Helen and Alan Tan, MD

4 Need to Know Sun Safety Tips

Protect yourself and your family from sun damage
Rush News Article
Healthy Living

Summer Safety Rules To Live By

Don't forget to follow the tried and true preventive safety measures that will protect you as the weather warms up
Woman applying sunscreen on child

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Cancer

Two experts weigh in on how you can devise a cancer prevention action plan
Stop smoking

Protect Yourself From Skin Cancer

Safeguard your skin by embracing sun-healthy habits
Man applying sunscreen

Health Care, Personalized

Precision medicine tailors treatment to individual differences in people’s genes, lifestyles and environments
Healthy Aging & Caregiving

Caring for Older Skin

How to combat the effects of aging on your skin