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Wayne’s Story: Determined To Be the Best He Can Be

Wayne Janovsky challenges himself with exercise to slow the progression of Parkinson’s disease
Wayne keeps active on exercise bike
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Creating Social Connections

David A. González, PhD, ABPP, examines the effects of loneliness on motor and nonmotor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease
Dr. David Gonzalez speaks with a patient
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Finding the Right Genes

Thanks to research breakthroughs related to genetics, we are beginning to understand the biological reasons why the symptoms and progression of Parkinson's disease vary in each person.
Dr. Deborah Hall
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A Partner to Care Partners

Jori Fleisher, MD, receives federal grant to advance research launched by philanthropy to improve life for patients and their care partners
Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE, FAAN
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Giving People a Higher Quality of Life

Positive patient care experiences among their family members inspired Dave and Theresann Seeger to make annual gifts, generous planned gift to RUSH supporting orthopedics and Parkinson’s disease.
Dave and Theresann Seeger
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Getting LOUD To Preserve Their Voices

Talking, telling jokes helps people with Parkinson’s keep their voices strong
Participants in the LOUD Crowd program exercise their voices.
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Clinical and Translational Parkinson’s Disease Research at RUSH with Deborah Hall, MD

Deborah Hall, MD, is a neurologist and movement disorder specialist and the Division Chief of the Section of Movement Disorders at RUSH University Medical Center. She also co-leads the novel RUSH PD GI Clinic, a novel multidisciplinary clinic focused on the gastrointestinal health of patients with PD and other movement disorders.
Deborah Hall, MD
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RUSH Copley’s Movement Disorders Program Receives Grant From Parkinson’s Foundation

Grant supports exercise and music therapy sessions to improve quality of life for people with movement disorders
Boxing class helps patients fight Parkinson's disease
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What’s the Difference Between a Neurologist and a Neurosurgeon?

RUSH experts explain what you should know about these distinct, yet complementary, specialties
Neuro differences
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MR-guided Focused Ultrasound: Essential Treatment for Essential Tremor

Sepehr Sani, MD, discusses MR-guided focused ultrasound — a safe, incisionless treatment designed to reduce hand tremor in patients with essential and parkinsonian tremor.
Listen now to a podcast about essential treatment for essential tremor from RUSH expert Sepehr Sani, MD.