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Statins a Potential New Avenue for Movement Disorders Research

Study finds people taking statins may have reduced risk of developing parkinsonism signs

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Nasal Drugs Show Promise for Slowing Parkinson’s Disease Progression in Lab Study

'A remarkable advance' if results can be replicated, Rush researcher says

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Tricia's Story: Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson's

Thanks to deep brain stimulation treatment, Tricia O'Neill is able to live nearly tremor-free

Tricia O'Neill
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Ken's Story

Regaining a steady hand thanks to focused ultrasound

Ken's Story
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Life-Changing Tremor Treatment

Rush is using focused ultrasound to dramatically improve tremor

ultrasound tremor
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Craig Smit's Story

Exercise classes give Parkinson’s patient direction, focus — and hope

Craig Smit
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Boxing Class helps patients fight Parkinson’s disease

Rock Steady program offers intense workouts to condition body and mind

Copley MD boxing Victor
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Deb's Story

Movement disorders program provides physical and emotional benefits

Deb Hopkins
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The Skinny on 7 Diet Trends

Which plans work best for weight loss and overall health

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Using Tech to Deliver Care From Afar

Rush has launched a telemedicine program for movement disorders patients