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Donna’s Story

Electrophysiologist Edward Lipman helps find the solution for Afib that was right for her
Donna Hensel and her husband
Heart Health

Debbie's Story

'Life is good' since Debbie Dunn underwent a His bundle procedure for her heart problem
Heart Health

Understanding Atrial Fibrillation

Electrophysiologist Parik Sharma, MD, describes the symptoms of AFib, how it's treated and why early detection is important
Heart Health

His Bundle Pacing at Rush

Electrophysiologists at Rush are among the most experienced in the nation in the use of innovative His bundle pacing
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WATCHMAN Alternative to Blood Thinners

Kousik Krishnan, MD, explains how the WATCHMAN device can be used as an alternative to blood thinner medications
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Laura's Story

How experts at the Rush helped Laura Ashley's heart find its rhythm
Heart Health

Changing the Beat

Get up to speed on things that can alter your heart rate
Heart Health

Essential Electrolytes

Most often linked to sports drinks, electrolytes are vital for good health
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Frank's Story

Care after a cardiac ablation
Patient Stories

Ciara's Story

"I know I am safe now"