Interim Dean Named at RUSH University College of Health Sciences

Jason Turner, PhD, will replace Dean Charlotte Royeen, PhD, starting Jan. 1, 2024
Jason Turner, PhD headshot

Jason Turner, PhD, has been selected as the interim dean of the College of Health Sciences at RUSH University. Turner, the current vice dean of the college, starts this new role on Jan. 1, 2024, following the retirement of Charlotte Royeen, PhD, at the end of this year.

“I am excited to build upon the work of Dr. Royeen in the College of Health Sciences,” Turner says. “Through mentorship and support of academic programs and research opportunities, I look forward to fostering an environment that creates and establishes the next generation of high-quality, health care professionals.”

Turner has played an integral part in the college’s success since his arrival as an associate professor in the Department of Health Systems Management in 2018. Since then, he has served as the associate dean for the college and most recently as its vice dean.

In these roles Turner has supported the quality of academic programs and facilitated the achievement of the college’s goals as well as supporting research and oversight activities.

As vice dean, Turner has represented the college on numerous leadership councils and committees. He has also aided the creation and execution of the financial, program and college strategic plans. Turner provided leadership and guidance to assistant and associate deans and has been instrumental in faculty development.

Turner has also been a great resource and support for students. Throughout his time at the College of Health Sciences, he has been a key component in the development of new academic programs. Turner also works in collaboration with the college’s offices and departments to help resolve any student issues that may arise.

Along with his role of vice dean, Turner is also committed to research in the areas of health care finance, population health, outcomes research, business strategies, pedagogy and more. He has written a variety of peer-reviewed articles, books, book chapters and reports.

“During Jason Turner’s time as vice dean, he has demonstrated himself to be committed to CHS,” Royeen says. “He has won numerous teaching awards since coming to RUSH University, and his work and financial acumen is well regarded by faculty and staff. He is committed to improving the student experience and faculty experience for the college.”

Turner received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University, and he earned his master’s degree in Applied Economics and PhD in Health Services Organization and Policy from the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor. Prior to joining RUSH, he spent years in the health care sector as a controller for a national health care insurer and administrator for a hospital chain. He is a Fellow with the Academy of Health Care Management and remains committed to teaching and research that is heavily influenced by his industry experiences.

Turner will begin his interim role at the beginning of the spring 2024 term where he will continue the college’s commitment to creating a community of learners, educators, practitioners and researchers.