Rush Copley Back and Neck Pain Clinic

Rush Copley 2040 Physician Office Building

Managing Back and Neck Pain

New onset back or neck pain can be debilitating, and trying to manage symptoms on your own can be overwhelming. Rush Copley Neurosurgery is here to help. Our team will develop a personalized treatment plan to manage your pain and help coordinate care. Our Advanced Practice Registered Nurse can help navigate through conservative therapies, imaging needs and surgical management if needed.

This clinic is ideal for those patients who have new onset back pain with corresponding leg pain or those with neck pain and corresponding arm pain who have yet to try conservative therapies or have imaging completed.

What to Expect

Our Advanced Practice Registered Nurse will meet with you to discuss your condition and will recommend conservative therapy options that might include outpatient physical therapy, pain management guidance, activity, nutrition, tobacco cessation and more based on your needs. If conservative therapies are not improving your condition we will determine the need for imaging and help you through the referral and scheduling process. All imaging will be reviewed by our neurosurgeons and if it is deemed the best treatment for you, surgical options will be discussed.