Why Give?

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Why Give?

RUSH isn’t just preparing for the future; we’re preparing to lead it. And we want you to join us. 

RUSH isn’t just preparing for the future; we’re preparing to lead it. And we want you to join us. 

Why Give to RUSH? 

Through RUSH’s history, we have strived for excellence, innovating health care for communities in Chicago and around the world. Thanks to the support of our donors, friends, alumni, faculty, staff and community members, we have reached remarkable heights for quality of care, education and research. But excellence is just the beginning.  

Energized by the opportunities and challenges in health care, leadership has redefined Rush University System for Health, focusing on one bold goal: improving health throughout our communities and beyond. RUSH isn’t just preparing for the future; we’re preparing to lead it. And we want you to join us. 

Advancing patient care through research and resolve

The close integration of patient care and research is deeply baked into the culture at RUSH. When our scientists make a discovery in the lab, our clinicians apply the findings to patient care. When our clinicians make a discovery in the clinic, our scientists examine the underlying mechanisms in the lab. The translational research findings that culminate from these longstanding collaborations make treatments more effective and personalized while positioning RUSH as a national destination for care in many specialties.

Your gifts at work: 

  • 1st  medical center to offer genomic tool for precision oncology, allowing RUSH to tailor cancer care for patients at the molecular level to find the best treatment per case
  • 95 peer-reviewed journal articles published last year by physicians and scientists in the RUSH Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program, related to projects supported by philanthropy
  • 10,000+ times bone and joint researchers were cited by scientific colleagues last year, making RUSH one of the most influential orthopedic research programs in the country

Transforming health sciences education

From genomics and robotics to immunotherapies and electronic medical records, the early part of the 21st century can be described as one of the most dynamic eras in modern medicine. Regretfully, the approaches to educating future health care professionals have not always kept pace with health care’s rapid transformation. RUSH University, fully integrated within a leading academic health system and solely focused on health sciences, is aligning the training of tomorrow’s experts with the practices of today’s interprofessional health care teams.

Your gifts at work: 

  • $12.2 million in scholarships, grants and awards to students in the 2022-2023 school year— representing the highest amount ever distributed in RUSH University’s history — enabling students from most programs to graduate with less debt than the national average
  • $24 million in contributions to the RUSH University endowment for student scholarships over the last 10 years
  • 103 endowed faculty positions at RUSH University to promote innovation among our leading educators and researchers

Reducing barriers to health equity 

Health care needs to go beyond a hospital’s walls, especially to combat longstanding systemic and socio-economic factors that ravage disadvantaged communities. RUSH has committed to addressing these challenges to improve access to quality care and work alongside our neighbors to raise the level of health equity in our own neighborhood: Chicago’s West Side.

Your gifts at work: 

  • $6 million in social impact investments to local businesses and organizations 

  • 10,000+ community members served by active volunteer efforts through the RUSH Community Service Initiatives Program 

  • 10 local schools hosting education program partnerships with RUSH for prekindergarten through college 

  • 535 generous supporters donated more than $14.2 million in fiscal year 2022 to support RUSH’s health equity initiatives. 

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