Treatment Study for Patients with Acute Myeloid Leukemia

Clinical Trial Title

A phase III randomized trial for patients with de novo AML using bortezomib and sorafenib (IND# I14480, NSC# 681239, NSC# 724772) for patients with high allelic ratio FLT3/ITD.

Clinical Trial Protocol Description:

To compare event free survival (EFS) and overall survival (OS) in patients with de nova acute myeloid leukemia (AML) without high allelic ratio FLT3/ITD+mutations who are randomized to standard therapy versus bortezomib/standard combination therapy.

Clinical Trial Eligibility Criteria:

In order to participate you must meet the following criteria:

  • Are less that 30 years of age at the time of study enrollment.
  • Have been newly diagnosed with de novo acute myelogenous leukemia.

This is a partial list of elgibility requirements.

Study Details

Clinical Trial Investigator

Mary Lou Schmidt, MD

Contact Information

Nitin Sane

(312) 355-0741