Pancreatitis Services

We offer subspecialty care for this painful problem.

We offer subspecialty care for this painful problem.

The RUSH Approach to Pancreatitis Care

Whether you’re dealing with acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis or another pancreas problem, pancreas disease is often unpredictable and poorly understood. Because the pancreas affects many parts of the body, it’s also common for other complications to occur. At RUSH, we know how important it is to have a wide expertise on hand to effectively treat pancreatitis. 

The pancreas is a small organ tucked behind the stomach, close to the small intestine. The pancreas has two main jobs in the body — to make insulin (a hormone that helps your body turn sugar into energy) and to make enzymes (liquids that help your body break down food).

Pancreatitis is inflammation of the pancreas. It’s a serious condition that can cause problems throughout the rest of your body. Pancreatitis can be acute (come on suddenly) or chronic (last for a long time).

Acute pancreatitis often causes intense abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting.

How is pancreatitis treated at RUSH?

Led by Wojciech Blogowski, MD, gastroenterologist at RUSH, our team knows how to provide structure and support for people with pancreatitis.

As part of your treatment, you may receive help from a dietitian to form an eating plan. We can also work with you to find the best care for your pancreatitis, whether that’s pain medication, a non-surgical procedure or surgery.

We’re experienced in working with your entire care team to make sure any complications from pancreatitis are treated.

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RUSH Excellence in Pancreatitis Care

  • Expert, specialized care. Led by Wojciech Blogowski, MD, a gastroenterologist at RUSH, our dedicated pancreatitis program specializes in providing exceptional treatment for this critical organ. Given the far-reaching impact of the pancreas on multiple body systems and the unpredictable nature of pancreatitis, relying on a specialist is crucial for ensuring the best possible outcome.
  • Comprehensive support tailored to your needs. Whether your pancreatitis requires short-term management or ongoing care spanning years, RUSH is committed to supporting you throughout the entire treatment and recovery journey. Our team will guide you, offering valuable advice on nutrition, dietary guidelines, and, if necessary, connect you with other specialists who can further assist you.
  • Expertise in digestive diseases. Ranked as one of the nation's leading institutions in gastroenterology and GI surgery, RUSH provides excellence in the field. Our team of specialists and subspecialists manages advanced and complex digestive disease cases.
  • Convenient, accessible care. With locations throughout the Chicago area as well as virtual care options, we meet you where you are. We also believe in working together for the good of our patients. If you need additional care for another issue related to your pancreatitis (such as diabetes care or transplant), we can work with your other physicians to ensure a seamless experience.

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