Movement Disorders Patient Education Resources

The Rush Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Program team is committed to helping people with movement disorders live their best lives. This includes providing comprehensive education to empower patients, families and caregivers to navigate the challenges of a movement disorder diagnosis.

We’re pleased to offer the following expert resources, created by or featuring our internationally recognized providers. These videos can help you learn about symptom management, exciting new treatment options, promising research, and strategies for improving your overall health and well-being.


Welcome to the RUSH Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders Program

Tips and Tricks for a Successful Virtual Visit

Alana Kirby, MD, PhD, and Mitra Afshari, MD, MPH

How COVID-19 Affects People With Movement Disorders

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Tourette's Syndrome

Tourette Association of America: Alternative & Complementary Therapies

Katie Kompoliti, MD, MSCE

Fragile X-Tremor Ataxia Syndrome

National Fragile X Foundation: FXTAS: Who, What, When, How?

Deborah Hall, MD, PhD

Parkinson's Disease/Parkinsonism

Parkinson’s Foundation Expert Briefing: “Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis: Hallucinations, Delusions and Paranoia”

Christopher Goetz, MD

Parkinson’s Foundation Expert Briefing: “Mind, Mood and Motion”

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Parkinson’s Foundation Expert Briefing: “Pain in Parkinson’s Disease”

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Parkinson’s and Movement Disorders Alliance: “wHolistic! Social Connection in the Age of Social Isolation”

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Veterans Health Administration: “My Parkinson’s Story: Medications”

Brandon Barton, MD, MS

ParkinsonTV Season One/Parkinson Disease Care New York: Six episodes

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

The Many Symptoms of Parkinson's Disease and What to Do About Them

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

2019 - Rush Parkinson's Disease Symposium

Mitra Afshari, MD, MPH, Leonard Verhagen, MD, PhD, Christopher Goetz, MD, Angela Johnson, DACM, MSTOM, MPH, Natalie Witek, MD, and Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Cracking the Code of Parkinson’s Disease

Christopher Goetz, Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE, Deborah Hall, MD, PhD and Jeffrey Kordower, PhD

Living with Parkinson's Disease: What You and Your Family Should Know

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Thirty-two minute version, without the questions and answers

Parkinson's Disease 101

Matthew Wodziak, MD

Introduccion a la Enfermedad de Parkinson

Natalie Witek, MD

Parkinson's Disease 101: Non-Motor Symptoms

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Huntington's Disease

Caregiver Support and Resources

Samantha Lunde, LSW

Cognitive Symptoms in Huntington's Disease

Sharlet Anderson, PhD

Treatment for Huntington's Disease

Deborah Hall, MD, PhD

Medical Marijuana and CBD

Christa Cooper, PA-C, MMS, MPH

Research Update

Kathleen Shannon, MD

How to Get Through the Disability Process

Jeff Rabin, JD

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Improving Patient Outcomes in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE, and Katie Kompoliti, MD

Lewy Body Dementia

Lewy Briefs: Telemedicine and LBD

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Introduction to Lewy Body Disease

Jori Fleisher, MD, MSCE

Lewy Briefs: Apathy & LBD

Deepal Shah-Zamora, MD