Q&A with the House Staff Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Committee

Second-year internal medicine residents Joshua Thomas, MD and Athavi Jeevananthan, MD spotlight the committee working to promote patient safety and improve quality of care
Three doctors in consultation

This week, Rush University is proud to host its first ever Residency Appreciation Week. To celebrate our residents and fellows, we’re highlighting their work through each of the Graduate Medical Education Committees.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Patient Safety and Quality Improvement (PSQI) committee from second-year internal medicine residents Joshua Thomas, MD and Athavi Jeevananthan, MD.

What is the purpose of PSQI?

Our purpose is to improve patient safety and improve the quality of care here at Rush by promoting quality improvement projects that residents are working on, educating residents on safety measures already in place at Rush and working with hospital leadership to improve care.

What encouraged you to get involved in PSQI?

Thomas: Dr. Jeevananthan and I were interested in this committee because we believe that quality improvement is an essential component of a thriving health care system. This committee allows us to work with both the house staff and hospital leadership to achieve this goal.

How many members does HSQI have?

Our committee has about 25 members.

What is your vision for HSQI going forward?

Our vision is that the committee would continue to work to promote current projects that will improve Rush while fostering a curiosity for patient safety among the residents.