Meet Comfort Therapist Pam Riley-Valesh

As a registered nurse, certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, certified reflexologist and clinical aromatherapist, Pam Riley-Valesh helps people in whatever way possible.
Pam RIley Valesh

As a nurse, it has always been important to Pam Riley-Valesh to help people in whatever way possible, and she has learned to help in many ways – as a registered nurse, certified Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, certified reflexologist and clinical aromatherapist. She has volunteered at Waterford Place since it opened, initially doing reflexology but more recently offering Urban Zen Integrative Therapy (UZIT).

UZIT sessions are designed to offer comfort and support to anyone dealing with symptoms related to daily life, Pam explains. Healing modalities to help alleviate pain, anxiety, nausea, insomnia, constipation and exhaustion are tailored to the specific symptoms a person has. The combination of specially chosen modalities, such as breath awareness, mindful movements, restorative yoga poses, aromatherapy and reiki, integrates the philosophy of body, mind and spirit into the current situation and allows the body to respond to the calming effects. When the inter-related symptoms are addressed, the body responds to promote optimal wellness. The participants can retain aspects of self-care even after the session.

Pam became certified in UZIT after years of exploring additional modalities that seemed to offer extra support to a person’s health and wellness. “UZIT focuses on the immediate needs of a person’s feelings, including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual concerns,” she says. “It allows time for expressing what is most important at that moment and some ways to safely integrate or add to the medical care a person is already receiving.” She says Waterford participants say the thing they like best about UZIT is that each session is focused on their own particular concerns for that day and time – and often the symptom they presented with has improved and is gone by the end of the session. “I love that!” she says.

Now semi-retired, Pam and her husband spent the first two months of her retirement in Florida, reconnecting with family and friends. They enjoy activities and family fun with their eight grandchildren. “Gardening, planning my daughter’s upcoming wedding, house projects and figuring out what retirement looks like have been key to my own health and wellness during COVID-19,” she says. “Also, yoga and walking, being outside and noticing the little things that surround us daily help me to stay positive about our ever-changing world.”

At Waterford Place, Pam also assists with the Gyne Sisters support group and has collaborated with other providers to present educational programs and activities for participants. “I look forward to the day when we can all be back together at Waterford Place in person, sharing stories and helping one another through life,” she says. In the meantime, she encourages everyone to try a virtual UZIT session. Call (331) 301-5280 to schedule your virtual appointment with Pam.