Project Roadmap


Project Roadmap

From January 2019 to Today

The new website — along with three significant sub-projects — will launch on 10/26 after a journey of nearly two years. 

January - June 2019
  • Submission and approval of A3
  • Consumer research
  • Consumer journey mapping
  • Competitive analysis
  • Site metrics and conversions review
July - December 2019

Strategic plan completed: Approved T. Popkova (chief strategy officer); Elegant, Silver (ROPH); Shilkaitis, Bumgarner, Finn (RCMC)

  • Content audit & inventory
  • Content model for clinical services: System and local perspective
  • Site architecture & wireframes
  • Site design & web brand standards
  • Check in on site design: physician focus group


  • Vendor selection & contracting
  • Stakeholder meetings: Rush Copley, Rush Oak Park, RUMC 
  • Review of data & data sources
  • Profile component and other requirements

Rush on Demand

  • Discovery
January - March 2020

  • Identify stakeholders for content review
  • Review of System approach/content model with key clinical leaders:
    • ENT, Surgery, Heart & Vascular, Neurosciences, Orthopedic Surgery
  • Email alert to chairpersons, division chiefs, other leaders: content development for site beginning
  • Technical site development begins


  • Review of data & data sources

Rush on Demand

  • Prototype design for Rush consumer pathways 


April - June 2020

  • Complete stakeholder interviews
  • Writing
  • Photo planning
  • technical site development concludes


  • Review designs with physician focus group
  • Designs finalized
  • Technical build begins

Rush on Demand

  • Consumer testing
  • Final prototype 

Access Center Integration

  • Planning & scoping: Rush Copley team and Access Center team (P. Quick, M. Hodgers)
July - September 2020

  • Writing complete
  • Content edited & migrated into content management system (database for site)
  • Stakeholder review begins
  • Stakeholder feedback received, addressed
  • Planning, writing & building employee recruitment microsite 

Find a Doctor

  • integration into (service lines, teams pages)

Rush on Demand

  • Begin project to integrate workflows & consumer paths into

Access Center Integration

  • Recruit & hire staff
  • Plan workflows
  • Data exchange


October 2020

  • Prepare to decommission old sites, including redirects from old sites
  • Quality assurance
  • Final code check
  • Security analysis
  • Set up analytics environment  
  • Final content updates: Freeze 10/16     


  • Profiles to Find-a-Doctor administrators for review

Rush On Demand

  • Build complete

Access Center Integration

  • Prepare for go live: clinical services, events/class registration for Rush Copley moved to main Access Center 
Post-Launch Projects

This is not a complete list; prioritization and timing TBD.

  • Build out of more location pages
  • Enhanced content for professional audiences:
    • Referring providers 
    • Nurses
    • Advanced practice providers


  • Referring provider view of directory
  • Deeper Epic integration in Find-a-Doctor
  • Add more narrative bios for providers

Rush On Demand

  • Pilot of voice activation feature

Call Center Integration 

  • Refine guidelines and workflows for distribution of referrals across System

In addition to the above, collaborate with Rush Health team on development of a new website to replace the current


Related Projects

New Three System hospital websites integrated under one domain name

Integrated Find-a-Doctor: Three find-a-doctor tools combined into one

Rush On Demand: Matching consumers to the right services and increasing conversions across service spectrum

Access Center Integration: Rush Copley call center functions moved to main Access Center

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