Neurosurgery Second Opinion

Decisions regarding your health should be made after you have been thoroughly informed about your diagnosis, prognosis and available treatment options.  Second opinions are a way to learn more about your diagnosis and expand your knowledge on all available treatment options most suitable for you.  At Rush Copley Neurosurgery, our surgeons understand the importance of second opinions and welcome all patients looking for an additional opinion on their diagnosis and treatment plan.

For patients with back and spinal problems, our surgeons will evaluate you to determine if surgery is necessary. If surgery is determined to be the best treatment plan, we will provide you with the most minimally invasive options available. Here, we also offer many motion preservation technologies that provide an alternative to a fusion such as the cervical artificial disc and interlaminar stabilization implants. Also, dorsal column stimulators are an option when a fusion operation has been completed already by another doctor, but significant back and leg pain persist.

For patients with issues affecting the brain, we offer a wide array of cranial surgical options. Patients in our community will appreciate not having to travel a far distance to get the surgical care they need. For more information, call (630) 978-6770.