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RUSH Copley Hospitalists

About Rush Copley Hospitalists

Many Rush Copley Medical Group primary care physicians have partnered with Rush Copley Hospitalists to manage the care of their patients while they are hospitalized at Rush Copley Medical Center. By using a hospitalist, a primary care physician has more time to dedicate to their patient’s office visits.

A hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the care of patients who are admitted to the hospital. They have undergone special training and are experienced in managing complex medical issues. They work solely at the hospital and are available to take care of emergencies and provide patients with around-the-clock care.

During a hospital stay, the hospitalist will:

  • Communicate with the nursing staff and consult with the primary care physician and any specialists required in care.
  • Keep the patient and their family members updated on the patient's progress and answer any questions.
  • Develop the discharge plan.

When the patient is discharged, the hospitalist will direct the patient back to their Rush Copley Medical Group primary care physician for all follow-up care.