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About Rush's Advanced Lipid (Cholesterol) Clinic

  • Managing the unmanageable: You may be genetically prone to high cholesterol, and therefore, at higher risk for heart attacks or stroke. Or perhaps you have high cholesterol but do not respond to statins or other traditional medications or lifestyle changes. Rush’s multidisciplinary Advanced Lipid (Cholesterol) Clinic team helps you identify and reduce your risk factors through individualized treatment plans, as well as nutrition and exercise counseling.
  • Access to the latest testing and clinical trial treatments: The clinic allows you to gain access to advanced diagnostics and therapies, such as genetic testing and counseling, PCSK9 inhibitors and new clinical trials focused on Lp(a) therapeutics, familial chylomicronemia syndrome and other genetic disorders. You will also have access to the latest trials as we remain a leader in lipid research and new therapies.

Schedule a consultation with us if any of the following is true:

  • You are at high risk for a cardiovascular event, especially if you are genetically prone to high cholesterol
  • You have a cholesterol or genetic lipid disorder, such as dyslipidemia syndrome, familial hypercholesterolemia, hypertriglyceridemia or primary low-HDL syndrome
  • You have not been able to lower your cholesterol levels with medications, diet or exercise

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Getting Here

The clinic is located on the 11th floor of Rush University Medical Center's Professional Building.

Christine's Story

Like millions of other Americans, Christine Morrisey has high cholesterol. But unlike the majority of people with high cholesterol, the standard treatment — diet + exercise + statins — wasn’t working for her. 

Plus, the statins were causing her muscle aches, so she stopped taking them — and her cholesterol levels kept climbing.

Fortunately, Morrisey was able to find both the cause of the problem and a potential solution at Rush's Advanced Lipid (Cholesterol) Clinic.

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Rush patient Christine Morrisey