Child Life Team

Child Life Team

child life team dressed up as super heroes

  • Shira Miller, MS, CCLS, Manager, Child Life and Creative Arts Therapy
  • Carly Abate, MS, CCLS
  • Brooke Baffa, MS, CCLS, CTRS
  • Alyssa Brake, MS, CCLS
  • Kari Bartelson, MS, CCLS
  • Siobhan Cannon, MS, CCLS
  • Amy Fitzgerald, MAT
  • Megan Hartnett, MS, CCLS
  • Victoria Hoffman, MS, CCLS
  • Beth Kobe, BA, CTRS
  • Gina Madonia, CLS
  • Meg Pairitz, BS, CCLS
  • Lindsay Rudy, MS, CCLS

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