Giving Societies

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Giving Societies

Recognizing our supportive community.

Recognizing our supportive community.

Anchor Cross Society 

The Anchor Cross Society is Rush’s premier annual giving society, celebrating donors who provide significant support year after year. As leadership donors, Anchor Cross members help Rush maximize its potential to advance health care and excellence across every aspect of its mission by giving to cancer, brain health, bone and joint, university and community programs, and other areas across our mission. Membership to the Anchor Cross Society is extended to donors who contribute gifts to Rush University and Rush University Medical Center totaling $1,000 or more in a given fiscal year (July 1-June 30). Make your Anchor Cross Society gift today

Benjamin Rush Society 

Members of the Benjamin Rush Society support scholarships and programs that prepare the next generation of physicians for the challenges of medicine. Benjamin Rush recognizes donors whose annual gifts of $1,000 or more support the educational mission of Rush Medical College and graduate medical education. All members are also recognized through membership in the Anchor Cross Society. Make your Benjamin Rush Society gift today

Golden Lamp Society 

Golden Lamp Society members help Rush educate nurses who will lead in the complex health care environments of the future. Members make annual contributions of $300 or more in support of the students and programs of Rush University College of Nursing. Golden Lamp members who make gifts of $1,000 or more are also recognized through membership in the Anchor Cross Society. Make your Golden Lamp Society gift today

Rush Heritage Society 

The Rush Heritage Society recognizes a special group of individuals and families who have included Rush University and Rush University Medical Center in their estate plans. Rush Heritage membership secures Rush’s future while allowing us to thank you for your generosity during your lifetime. As a member, you will leave a lasting legacy that will help transform the future of health care. Learn how to join the Rush Heritage Society today

Rush Copley Legacy Society 

The Rush Copley Legacy Society comprises forward-thinking donors who have committed to our mission through estate gifts. Rush Copley Legacy members play a pivotal role in the evolution and growth of Rush Copley Medical Center. We recognize our members and express our appreciation for their thoughtful generosity. Learn how to join the Rush Copley Legacy Society today.