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Support for Our West Side Communities

The progress we make in improving the well-being of Chicago’s West Side communities is propelled by the continuing support of our partners. Local organizations, city schools, residents and community leaders are just a few of the partners who allow Rush to reach the diverse neighborhoods that surround us — and donors play just as big of a role in making this possible.

When it comes to Rush’s community programs, donor support is the difference between treating a disease and preventing it altogether, improving health inequities for a day or bridging the gap for a lifetime.

Continually assessing the needs of its most vulnerable communities, Rush knows that overcoming such complex health, economic and education disparities is too large of a task to achieve on our own — but it’s a vision that donor support will make a reality.

Your gift will enable Rush to increase life expectancies, reduce economic hardships and improve quality of life.

Make your gift to revitalize Chicago’s West Side communities.

For more information about funding Rush’s community programs, contact a member of our Annual Giving team at (312) 942-6112 or at

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