About Rush Copley Cardiovascular

Over 25 Years of Serving the Community

In 1986, cardiologists Abbas Khawaja, MD, and Santosh Gill, MD, brought their respective practices together to form Fox Valley Cardiovascular Consultants (FVCC). Each had been in practice for several years in the area. They were the first physicians to bring cardiac catheterization and angioplasty to the community and initiate the open heart surgery programs at both Rush Copley Medical Center and AMITA Health Mercy Medical Center.

Today, with a robust and committed team of physicians and specially trained practitioners, the practice continues to grow to respond to the needs of the community. In response, the practice has several locations—two in Aurora and one in Yorkville at Rush Copley Healthcare Center.

Historical Highlights of the Practice

In 2004, in response to heart disease remaining the top cause of death in women, Dr. Gill established the Women’s Heart Center―one of only a handful of its kind in the country. This program has been recognized as one of only five centers in the country to receive a National Institute of Health grant to further women’s heart care in the community. It also is the only local center to sponsor a regional Women’s Heart Symposium that brings the nation’s leading women’s heart experts to share the latest research, information and clinical breakthroughs to over 200 attendees annually.

In addition, all Women’s Heart Center patients receive a comprehensive risk profile, extensive educational experience and access to on-site specialty care.

In 2005, Dr. Edward Lipman, joined the practice. This marked the first full time electrophysiologist (heart rhythm specialist) physician in the area. He has since brought advanced heart rhythm services including biventricular pacing and ablations to the community. Patients requiring these services had previously been referred to academic centers which often proved more costly and inconvenient. In 2013, Dr. Lipman recently implanted the world's first one lead cardiac defibrillator, a device that offers increased cardiac monitoring and safety for patients.

In 2010, Fox Valley Cardiovascular Consultants integrated with Rush Copley Medical Center and and has since become Rush Copley Cardiovascular (RCC). Both organizations share an unwavering commitment to the community and a strong record of assuring the best technology and clinical programs.

Currently, RCC cardiologists proudly serve as Medical Directors of Cardiology and other clinical services at both area hospitals and actively participate in efforts that assure the best patient care possible.