Transformational Leadership

rush nurses

Transformational leadership is vital to transcend the challenges that we all have faced in last few years. RUSH nurses embraced these challenges, seeking and implementing new solutions that result in better patient care.

Nurses Use CANDLR to Light a Path at RUSH to Harm-Free Care

A nurse-led interprofessional task force at RUSH has developed a creative approach to improving interdisciplinary communication and thus patient care.

Behind the Creation of the Emergency Department Acute Care Unit

The primary goal in creating the ED Acute Care Unit (ACU) was to decrease the volume of patients in the ED, promote patient safety and support the ED nursing staff.

RUSH Holds Retreat on Reimagining Nursing

RUSH leaders gathered for a two-part Nursing Think Tank Retreat in February and April of 2022.

RUSH University System for Health Finds Success in New Temporary Employee Program

At RUSH, we have taken many steps to ensure that our workforce is nimble enough to traverse the ebb and flow that comes with variations in the patient census.

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