Expressing Gratitude at Rush Copley

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Expressing Gratitude at Rush Copley

"How do I say thank you to such gifted and compassionate medical professionals? I am where I am today due to your expertise!"
-Arden Dewey, Grateful Patient and Donor

It is often said that the greatest gift any one of us has is the gift of good health. With good health, the future, while uncertain, holds promise and possibility. At Rush Copley, we are privileged to tend to the health needs of those in our community. Each day we are fortunate to become part of the lives of our patients.

If you or a loved one has ever been a patient at Rush Copley, you have probably encountered a provider, team member or volunteer who brought you comfort and reassurance in a time of need. Many people want to give back and ask how they can say “thank you.” Making a contribution is a meaningful way to show gratitude and leave a gift of health. 

Donors like you help us provide the highest level of care and education to our community. In addition, your donation plays a critical role in deepening our reach into the community where lack of health insurance or financial means might prevent a person from seeking care. By honoring a caregiver who enriched your life, you can make a tangible and meaningful impact on our ability to provide essential resources for a healthier future for you, your family and our community. 

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