As we begin to reopen Rush University Medical Center for elective procedures and in-person care, we are putting your safety first. For information about COVID-19, see the latest updates. Rush accepts donations to support our response effort, staff, and patients and families.

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Rush Coronavirus Research Fund

At a time when Rush is compassionately caring for our community, we are also rapidly responding to the COVID-19 pandemic through critical research on the virus.

Our nationally recognized data science team is harnessing the power of big data to support clinical decisions in real-time. Thanks to their work, patients at Rush and around the country will benefit quickly from new knowledge being generated about this disease — one that has never been observed in humans prior to December 2019.

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Rush is rapidly joining or initiating clinical trials to improve patient outcomes and building a national database and biorepository that could change the trajectory of the pandemic in the weeks and months ahead. Our researchers are also conducting studies that can help scientists better predict who will get sick, understand why and monitor the disease’s long-term effects.

Philanthropic support is needed to advance this research that will transform the way Rush — and health systems everywhere — combat COVID-19 and future viral outbreaks.

  • Contributing to a National Data Trust
    COVID-19 is the first pandemic that can be fought with data analytics. Donor support for the Rush Center for Biostatistics, Bioinformatics, Robotics and Augmented Intelligence will provide Rush’s data scientists with the resources needed to generate real-time knowledge that will save lives. As they coordinate with other leading medical centers around the country to share data and conduct experiments, the team’s work has widespread implications on public health planning, clinical decision-making and the development of new therapies.
  • Accelerating Clinical Trials
    As Rush providers treat many of the region’s most severely ill patients with COVID-19, teams from across the Rush System are rapidly launching clinical trials of experimental treatments against the virus. These trials can potentially improve patient outcomes and produce crucial information on how to fight it.  Philanthropic funding is critical to ensuring patients can access experimental treatments for COVID-19 as soon as possible and allowing Rush researchers to develop their own clinical trials in response to the growing need.
  • Leading Scientific Discovery
    Rush was among the first institutions in the country to develop mechanisms for collecting blood and tissue samples from patients with COVID-19 for scientific study. Funding will help with the collection and specialized storage of these samples and support studies that will provide information on underlying risk factors, immunity and therapeutic targets.

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Your gift will help Rush fight COVID-19 now and ensure the nation is better prepared to address viral outbreaks in the future.

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