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About Rush Institutional Leadership

The mission of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, Illinois, is to provide the very best care for our patients. Our education and research endeavors, community service programs and relationships with other hospitals are dedicated to enhancing excellence in patient care for the diverse communities of the Chicago area now and in the future.

Our institutional leadership is dedicated to that mission. Leadership at Rush is organized as follows:

Principal Officers

William M. Goodyear, Chairman
Susan Crown, Vice Chair
James W. DeYoung, Vice Chair
Donald G. Lubin, Esq., Vice Chair
Larry Goodman, MD, Chief Executive Officer

General Trustees

James A. Bell
Matthew J. Boler
John M. Boler
John L. Brennan
Marca Bristo
Carole L. Brown
Peter C. B. Bynoe*
Karen B. Case
E. David Coolidge III*
Christopher M. Crane
Susan Crown*
Robert M. Davis
James W. DeYoung*
William A. Downe
Bruce W. Duncan
Christine A. Edwards*
Francesca Maher Edwardson
Charles L. Evans, PhD
Larry Field
Robert F. Finke*
William J. Friend
Ronald J. Gidwitz
H. John Gilbertson
Sue Ling Gin
Richard W. Gochnauer
Larry Goodman, MD*
William M. Goodyear*
Sandra P. Guthman*
William J. Hagenah*
William K. Hall*
Christie Hefner
Marcie B. Hemmelstein
Jay L. Henderson*
Marvin J. Herb
John W. Higgins
John L. Howard
Ron Huberman
Richard M. Jaffee* 
P. Kasper Jakobsen
John P. Keller*
Kip Kirkpatrick

Fred A. Krehbiel
Sheldon Lavin
Aylwin B. Lewis
Susan R. Lichtenstein
Pamela Forbes Lieberman
Donald G. Lubin, Esq.*
Robert A. Mariano
Gary E. McCullough
Andrew McKenna Jr.
James S. Metcalf
Wayne L. Moore*
Robert S. Morrison
Martin H. Nesbitt
Michael J. O'Connor
Abby McCormick O'Neil
William H. Osborne
Aurie A. Pennick
Sheila A. Penrose*
Perry R. Pero
Stephen N. Potter*
Richard S. Price
Eric A. Reeves
Thomas E. Richards
John W. Rogers Jr.*
Jesse H. Ruiz
John J. Sabl
John F. Sandner
E. Scott Santi
Gloria Santona, Esq.
Charles A. Schrock
Carole Browe Segal*
Alejandro Silva
Joan E. Steel
Carl W. Stern
Charles A. Tribbett III
Greg Welch
John R. Willis*
Thomas J. Wilson
Robert A. Wislow
Barbara Jil Wu, PhD

Annual Trustees

Connie Busse Ashline*
Matthew F. Bergmann
Margaret Faut Callahan, PhD
Bruce W. Dienst
Catherine A. Dimou, MD
Steven Gitelis, MD*
David W. Hines, MD
Jerald W. Hoekstra
Anthony D. Ivankovich, MD


Catherine J. King*
Anthony M. Kotin, MD
The Rt. Rev. Jeffrey D. Lee
Mark C. Metzger*
Mimi Mitchell
Karl A. Palasz
Karen C. Reid
Angelique L. Richard, PhD

*Executive Committee member


Life Trustees


Hall Adams Jr.
Mrs. Bowen Blair
William G. Brown
John H. Bryan
W. H. Clark
Robert J. Darnall
Thomas A. Donahoe
The Rev. David A. Donovan
Bernard J. Echlin
W. James Farrell
Wade Fetzer III
Marshall Field
John P. Frazee Jr.
Cyrus F. Freidheim Jr.
Jorge O. Galante, MD, DMSc
David W. Grainger
Joan M. Hall
Leo M. Henikoff, MD
Mrs. Edward Hines
Thomas R. Hodgson
Edgar D. Jannotta

John E. Jones
Silas Keehn
Herbert B. Knight
Vernon R. Loucks Jr.
John W. Madigan
The Rt. Rev. James W. Montgomery
Maribeth S. Rahe
Sheii Z. Rosenberg
Patrick G. Ryan
The Hon. Anne O. Scott
Michael Simpson
Harold Byron Smith Jr.
Robert A. Southern
S. Jay Stewart
Philip W. K. Sweet Jr.
Frank J. Techar
Bide L. Thomas
Richard L. Thomas
Marilou von Ferstel

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Larry Goodman, MD
Chief Executive Officer

Peter W. Butler
President and Chief Operating Officer

Michael J. Dandorph
Executive Vice President
Executive Director, Rush University Hospitals

Thomas A. Deutsch, MD
Provost, Rush University and Dean, Rush Medical College

David A. Ansell, MD
Senior Vice President, Clinical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer; Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs, Rush Medical College

Brent J. Estes
Senior Vice President, Business and Network Development; Vice President, Rush System for Health; President and CEO, Rush Health

Diane M. McKeever
Senior Vice President, Philanthropy
Chief Development Officer and Secretary, The Trustees

John P. Mordach
Senior Vice President, Finance and Chief Financial Officer

Anne M. Murphy, JD
Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs and General Counsel

Mary Ellen Schopp
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer

Lac Van Tran
Senior Vice President, Information Services
Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean, Information Technology, Rush University

Cynthia Barginere, DNP
Vice President, Clinical Nursing and Chief Nursing Officer

Cynthia E. Boyd, MD
Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer; Assistant Dean for Admissions and Recruitment, Rush Medical College

Edward W. Conway
Vice President, Clinical Affairs for Administration and Finance

Melissa Coverdale
Vice President, Finance

Richard B. Davis
Vice President, Human Resources Operations

Richard K. Davis
Vice President, University Affairs and
Principal Business Officer, Rush University

Bruce M. Elegant
Vice President, Hospital Operations
President and Chief Executive Officer, Rush-Oak Park Hospital

Barry C. Finn
President and Chief Executive Officer, Rush-Copley Medical Center

Marquis D. Foreman, PhD
Acting Dean, College of Nursing

Lois K. Halstead, PhD
Vice Provost, Rush University
Vice President, University Affairs

Phillip M. Kambic
President and Chief Executive Officer, Riverside Medical Center

Joan E. Kurtenbach
Vice President, Strategic Planning, Marketing and Communications

Michael E. LaMont
Vice President, Facilities Management

John Lowenberg
Vice President, Philanthropy

Herb J. Miller, PhD
Acting Dean, College of Health Sciences

Mike J. Mulroe
Vice President, Hospital Operations

James L. Mulshine, MD
Vice President, University Affairs and
Associate Provost for Research
Acting Dean, The Graduate College

Denise E. Nedza
Vice President, Revenue Cycle

Kurt Olson, PhD
Vice President, Talent Management and Leadership Development

Patricia S. O'Neil
Vice President, Treasury; Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer

Jaime B. Parent
Vice President and Associate Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Operations

Terry Peterson
Vice President, Corporate and External Affairs

Brian T. Smith
Vice President, Clinical Affairs-Clinical Practice and 
Executive Director, Rush University Medical Group

Scott E. Sonnenschein
Vice President, Hospital Operations

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Medical Staff and Nursing Staff Leadership

Medical Staff Officers




Steven Gitelis, MD


Jonathan Myers, MD

Treasurer Jochen Reiser, MD
Immediate Past President

Catherine Dimou, MD


Professional Nursing Staff Officers


Eric Zack, RN


Katherine Maschoff, BSN, CCRN


Thomas Starr, RN

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Updated July 25, 2014

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