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Tests & Treatments

The following tests and treatments are some of the most common tests and treatments offered by specialists in this area. These specialists offer many other advanced tests and treatments for a wide range of medical problems. Please call (888) 352-RUSH (7874) if you have questions about specific tests or treatments not listed here.

  • Brachytherapy is a cancer treatment where radioactive seeds or wires are placed inside or near the tumor.
  • Cryotherapy

    Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze cells in order to destroy them. Cryotherapy is used frequently to destroy cancer cells as part of cancer treatment. It is also referred to as cryoablation or cryosurgery.
  • During a laparoscopic procedure, a surgeon makes small incisions in the abdomen to insert a scope (a small, thin tube fitted with a camera) and other surgical tools. Surgeons use laparoscopy to diagnose and treat many conditions.
  • Prostatectomy is a procedure to remove the prostate. It is a common and effective treatment for prostate cancer.
  • Robotic surgery is a minimally invasive technique that surgeons use. The technique allows for smaller incisions and more precise movements during surgery, which benefits patients.
  • Sacral Nerve Stimulation

    Sacral nerve stimulation is used to treat urinary incontinence and fecal incontinence: A doctor implants a small device under the patient's skin (near the bottom of the spine) to stimulate the nerves that control bladder function or bowel movements.
  • Urologists at Rush offer minimally invasive vasectomies and vasectomy reversals that offer a quicker recovery than traditional vasectomies.