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Tinnitus Program

Developing personalized strategies for bothersome tinnitus

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Do you suffer from tinnitus, which is described as a sound in the ears such as ringing, buzzing or humming?

Fortunately, at Rush, we have ways to help you cope with this bothersome problem, as well as any underlying problems and hearing loss that can accompany it. 

A holistic team approach to evaluation and treatment

At Rush, we bring together a team of specialists to address your concerns, including the following:

Excellent in Tinnitus Care

An evidence-based model of care

Evidence supports a progressive step-by-step approach to tinnitus management as the most effective and efficient way to help those affected by tinnitus. We'll use this model of care to help you.

A personalized treatment approach

Because the experience of tinnitus is different for each individual, our program is dedicated to developing personalized strategies that help to minimize the negative affect tinnitus may be having on sleep, concentration, relaxation and communication.

Team care

Because tinnitus is a physical symptom, a medical exam is an important first step.  Tinnitus does not usually reflect a serious health condition, but it is important to be certain. Members of our Tinnitus Program include ENT specialists who will collaborate with you to provide a comprehensive assessment.

For some individuals suffering from tinnitus, anxiety, depression or insomnia may be obstacles to successful management.  For this reason, members of our Tinnitus Program also include experienced, highly-trained psychologists who will help individuals acquire the skills necessary to minimize the negative experience of tinnitus. Depending on your need, intervention may include cognitive-behavioral and mindfulness therapies.

Highly-trained audiologists

All of our audiologists at Rush have doctorate degrees, are licensed in the state and hold clinical certification through the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.  As teachers and researchers, we're able to bring the latest advances in audiology to our patients.

Accessible care, convenient locations

Rush audiologists provide tinnitus services at several Rush locations, including Chicago, Oak Brook and South Loop.

What to expect during your tinnitus evaluation

  • Diagnostic testing. We will perform a series of tests to determine the underlying reasons for your tinnitus.
  • Health and lifestyle history. We'll talk to you about the origin of your tinnitus and help to uncover any health- and lifestyle-related factors that may be aggravating the loudness of your tinnitus including current medications, loud sound, head and neck injury, dental problems, stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Quality of life needs assessment. We'll measure how much tinnitus is impacting different aspects of your life, including sleep, concentration, relaxation and communication.  These initial measures will also allow us to track your progress over time. 

Treatment options

After we complete the tinnitus evaluation, we will partner with you to create an individualized management plan, which typically includes a combination of directed counseling and sound therapies.

It's important to recognize that, for the most part, there is no cure or proven medical treatment for tinnitus. Current management plans have, however, proven effective in reducing the negative effect tinnitus can have on people's lives. Because both the cause and the experience of tinnitus can vary greatly from one person to another, tinnitus management plans must be tailored to each person's needs — and our team has the expertise to create the best possible plan for you.

Locations and Contact Information

Orthopedic Building
1611 W. Harrison St.
Suite 530
Chicago, IL 60612
Phone: (312) 942-5332
1411 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60605
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2011 York Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523
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