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Head and Neck Cancer Services — Conditions We Treat

The following conditions are some of the most common conditions treated by specialists in this area. These specialists offer expert care for many other related medical problems. If you need care for a condition not listed here, please call (888) 352-RUSH (7874) to find a doctor who can help you.

  • Head and neck tumors are those that grow in the nose, sinuses, mouth (oral cavity), throat (pharynx), voice box (larynx), salivary glands, lymph nodes in the neck, thyroid gland or parathyroid glands. They can be cancerous or noncancerous (benign).
  • Oral cancer is cancer of any of the parts of the mouth (sometimes referred to as the oral cavity and oropharynx). Oral cancer can occur in the tongue, lips, gums, hard palate (the front part of the roof of the mouth), soft palate (the back part of the roof) and the oropharynx (a part of the throat behind the mouth), along with other areas of the mouth. Also known as mouth cancer, oral cancer is a type of head and neck cancer.
  • Paraganglioma

    Paragangliomas are rare tumors that form near the carotid artery, along nerve pathways in the head and neck, and in other parts of the body. Paragangliomas are a type of neuroendocrine tumor.
  • Sinus and skull base tumors, which can be cancerous or noncancerous (benign), grow in the area behind the eyes and nose that extends to the base of the skull. Even when these tumors are not cancerous, they can still cause problems as they grow and start to press against the brain, vital nerves or major blood vessels.
  • Throat cancer is cancer of any of the parts of the throat. The throat (or pharynx) starts behind the nose and continues into the esophagus. Throat cancer is a kind of head and neck cancer.
  • Cancer of the thyroid, a small gland located at the front of the neck, is usually slow-growing. With proper diagnosis and treatment, most people who have thyroid cancer will be cured.