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Diabetes Center — Conditions We Treat

The following conditions are some of the most common conditions treated by specialists in this area. These specialists offer expert care for many other related medical problems. If you need care for a condition not listed here, please call (888) 352-RUSH (7874) to find a doctor who can help you.

  • Diabetes occurs when you lack the hormone insulin or when your insulin is not able to work effectively to move blood sugar (blood glucose) to the body’s cells. That causes glucose to rise to abnormally high levels in your blood, which can cause damage to many organs.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy

    Diabetic neuropathy is nerve damage (neuropathy) caused by diabetes or poorly controlled blood sugar. Diabetes is the most common cause of neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning and/or pain in the feet, legs and hands.
  • Kidney specialists at Rush provide comprehensive care — including dialysis and kidney transplant — to people suffering with renal failure.