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Tests & Treatments

  • Medication Management

    Medication management is when clinicians work with a patient to make sure he or she is on the most appropriate medications for that individual and his or her particular condition. This process often involves a back-and-forth discussion between the clinician and patient to see how the medication or medication regimen is affecting the patient’s condition and quality of life. This dialogue allows the clinician to adjust medications as needed.
  • Radiosurgery

    Radiosurgery enables doctors to deliver focused beams of radiation to target and treat specific areas of the body without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. It can be used for many conditions, including brain and spinal cord tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, Parkinson’s disease and arteriovenous malformation. Sometimes, radiosurgery is done using the TrueBeam Stx system. TrueBeam’s advanced computer imaging system can more precisely pinpoint radiation, allowing for more effective targeting of hard-to-reach tumors and pain-causing nerve fibers.
  • Skull base surgery is used to treat sinus and skull base tumors, as well as other abnormalities near the bottom of the skull. It is performed by experienced, highly skilled ENT surgeons and neurosurgeons at the Rush Center for Pituitary and Skull Base Surgery.