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Concussion Program

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A head injury — especially a concussion — can be scary. It’s natural to worry about how the injury will impact your life, especially if you’ve had prior concussions or have severe or lingering symptoms.

At Rush, we want you to know that whatever effects you’re experiencing after your injury, it doesn’t have to be your new normal. There are proven concussion treatments, and our concussion team has the expertise to know which approaches can help you feel and function better.

Seek medical attention right away if you lose consciousness or have other emergency symptoms, such as a worsening severe headache, slurred speech, repeated vomiting, severe drowsiness, confusion, personality changes, or arm/leg numbness. But we recommend discussing any head injury with your doctor, even if you have mild or no symptoms.

Most adults will recover from a concussion in one to three weeks (it can take longer for children). Some people, however, continue to experience symptoms beyond that initial recovery period. If so, it’s important to be evaluated by concussion specialists who can figure out what’s triggering your persistent symptoms and put you on a path to recovery.

Comprehensive concussion care

Rush’s multidisciplinary Concussion Program includes sports medicine physicians, neuropsychologists, neurologists, physiatrists, physical therapists and occupational therapists  — all specially trained to address the specific needs of concussion patients. We also bring in other specialists, like ophthalmologists, psychiatrists and psychologists, to treat you if needed.

During your evaluation, we take the time to understand the nature of your injury and symptoms, as well as your physical and mental health history, career, family and lifestyle. This comprehensive information enables us to set appropriate goals for your recovery, and create a treatment plan to ensure your safe return to work, sports and other activities.

Your treatment will begin as soon as possible after the initial recovery period. Research shows that active rehabilitation is more effective in aiding recovery than a long period of rest. We’ll work with you to gradually increase your activity level and help you regain any lost function, such as balance, coordination or speech.

We offer the following services:

  • ImPACT and Sway baseline testing
  • EyeBOX concussion testing
  • Physical therapy for neck or jaw pain related to the injury
  • Vestibular therapy for balance issues, including the Bertec System
  • Exertional therapy and return-to-play progression
  • Individual psychotherapy to address pre-existing or post-injury anxiety or depression
  • Neuropsychological evaluation of persistent cognitive complaints
  • Neurological evaluation for persistent headaches
  • Complete vestibular rehabilitation for complaints of dizziness, imbalance and visual symptoms
  • Specialized optometry/ophthalmology evaluations and therapy to address concussion-related visual disturbances  
  • Sleep assessment for persistent post-concussive sleep disturbance
  • Medication management