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Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery — Clinical Trials

Amplatzer™ Post Approval Study

Amplatzer™ Post approval study.

Assessment of the CARILLON Mitral Contour System in Treating Functional Mitral Regurgitation

CARILLON: Assessment of the CARILLON Mitral Contour System in treating functional mitral regurgitation associated with heart failure.

His Bundle Pacing Registry

His Bundle Pacing registry.

MAP HIS HF Study: Mapping and Pacing of the His Bundle for Heart Failure Patients with Left Bundle Branch Block

MAP HIS HF study: Mapping and pacing of the His Bundle for heart failure patients with left bundle branch block.

PREEMPT-HF: PREcision Event Monitoring of Patients with Heart Failure Using HeartLogic™

PREEMPT-HF: PREcision Event Monitoring of Patients with Heart Failure using HeartLogic™.

Prospective Assessment of Premature Ventricular Contractions Suppression in Cardiomyopathy

Prospective assessment of premature ventricular contractions suppression in cardiomyopathy (PAPS): A pilot study.

RELIEVE-HF Trial: Reducing Lung Congestion Symptoms Using the V-Wave Shunt in Advanced Heart Failure

RELIEVE-HF Trial: REducing Lung congestion symptoms using the v-wavE shunt in adVancEd Heart Failure.

Study of Cryoballoon Pulmonary Vein Isolation Ablation for Patients with Symptomatic Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation

CRYOWM: Feasibility and safety of cryoballoon pulmonary vein isolation ablation for patients with symptomatic paroxysmal atrial fibrillation after implantation of a left atrial appendage occlusion device.

Study of Lipoprotein (a) Levels in Patients with Cardiovascular Disease

Multi-center cross-sectional epidemiological study to characterize the prevalence and distribution of lipoprotein (a) levels in patients with established CVD.

Study of SAPIEN 3 Transcatheter Heart Valve Implantation in Patients with a Failing Aortic Bioprosthetic Valve

PARTNER 3 AVIV: A prospective, single-arm, multicenter study to investigate the safety and effectiveness of SAPIEN 3 transcatheter heart valve implantation in patients with a failing aortic bioprosthetic valve.