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Lupus Research and Donations

Research in lupus at Rush

We believe that research is a vital aspect of patient care. Without basic and clinical research and discoveries of new diagnostic or measurement tools, treatment options that improve the patient's quality of life would not be possible. At the Rush Lupus Clinic we are dedicated to excellence in patient care and to the advancement of knowledge and treatment of lupus.

We focus our research on understanding how lupus affects the patient's daily life, how to measure that impact, and what we can do, along with ongoing standards of care, to improve daily life. We are also involved in research for biomarkers for lupus flare-ups and epidemiological and genetic studies in lupus, and we participate in ongoing clinical trials. Watch a video Interview with Meenakshi Jolly, MD, about lupus research.

Making a difference with your donation 

Although academic grants fund some of our research, we still rely on donations and gifts from grateful patients, their family members and others to help us in our fight against lupus. Your contribution plays an essential role in keeping us going. In giving, you will make a difference in the lives of countless people, including patients and their families, researchers and students, who will benefit greatly from your generosity.

Please consider supporting our efforts by making a gift donation to clinical research in lupus at Rush.

Ways to donate

You can make a donation with a single gift, or consider making your annual contribution by dividing it into convenient monthly payments. By taking advantage of this opportunity you are helping us put your support to work year-round.

The easiest way to make a donation is to use Rush's secure website to make a gift online — it saves time and eliminates mailing costs. Learn how to designate your gift specifically to Rush Lupus Clinical Research.

Increase the value of your gift by having it matched. Many employers match employee gifts to Rush. This program may exist for both current and retired employees. Contact your human resources office to find out if your employer has a matching gift program.

Honor a loved one with a tribute gift

Throughout your life there are many occasions when you may wish to honor those dear to you by making a tribute gift:

  • Celebrate a milestone for an important person in your life, such as their birthday, anniversary or birth of a child
  • Remember a loved one or friend who has passed away
  • Express appreciation to a nurse, physician or other caregiver
  • Recognize a favorite holiday or religious occasion
  • By making such a gift you can honor a person who has touched your life or inspired you

Everyone who makes a tribute or memorial gift receives an acknowledgement. In addition, the person or family designated will receive notification of your tribute. The amount of your gift will not be disclosed.