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Rush Neuroscience Review

The Rush Neuroscience Review is an annual physician journal that highlights recent accomplishments and research by the Department of Neurological Science and the Department of Neurological Surgery at Rush University Medical Center.

Sepehr Sani, MD, and Aimee Szewka, MD, are the faculty editors. 



The 2016 Rush Neuroscience Review (pdf) features a selection of the following from the previous year:



The 2015 Rush Neuroscience Review (pdf) features a selection of the following from the previous year: 



View the 2014 Rush Neuroscience Review (pdf) and references (pdf) for the journal's articles.

In addition to articles, publications, research grants and volume and quality data, the 2014 journal includes an interview with neurointensivist Thomas Bleck, MD, by neurosurgeon Lorenzo Muñoz, MD.


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