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Konstantinos Arfanakis, PhD

Konstantinos Arfanakis, PhD, is an associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology, associate professor in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Rush University Medical Center, and medical physicist with the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center.

Arfanakis' research interests include the development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data acquisition, image reconstruction and image processing techniques, and the application of these methods for the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological disease. He was the first to publish on the detection of mild traumatic brain injury using diffusion MRI. Arfanakis and his lab are investigating brain function and brain microstructure in aging, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and psychiatric disorders.

Arfanakis and his lab have recently developed an MRI template of the microarchitecture of the human brain that enhances the accuracy of a number of clinical investigations using diffusion MRI. Postmortem MRI is an area actively pursued in Arfanakis' lab. When combined with histology, postmortem MRI allows testing of new diagnostic techniques.