Transformational Leadership

rush nurses

Transformational leadership is vital to transcend the challenges that we have all faced in the last few years. Rush nurses embraced these challenges, seeking and implementing new solutions that result in better patient care.

Nurse-Driven Post-RPATH Collaboration to Improve Outcomes and Efficiency in the CVICU

Nursing staff and ICU leadership collaborated with multiple disciplines and teams to remove operational barriers and improve patient care, quality and safety.

PICU Transition to Adult Intermediate Care During the Pandemic

It was determined that caring for adults with respiratory issues related to COVID-19 in an intermediate ICU capacity was the best match for PICU nurses’ skills and hospital expansion needs.

Psychiatric Liaison Nurses Support Patient and Staff Mental Health Through a Challenging Year

As the world continues to work through the challenges of the ongoing global pandemic, the health care community braces for its impact on mental health.