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Understanding Quality

Quality of care at RushDo you want to know how good a hospital’s care is before choosing it for yourself or for a loved one? How safe are the hospital’s patients? Are patients satisfied with their experiences there? How does the care at one hospital compare with other hospitals?

This section of our website provides information to answer these questions about care at Rush University Medical Center.

We’ve also included online resources for information about health care quality to help you judge any hospital’s quality of care.

How hospital quality is measured

Among hospitals nationally, quality of care is evaluated by standard measurements that can be compared from hospital to hospital. Some of these are known as “outcomes data” or “performance measures.” Examples include mortality rates, patient safety indicators and readmission rates.

You can also know how patients rate their own care experiences. Results of standardized surveys allow for comparison among hospitals on measures such as pain control, cleanliness of the facility, and communication from the doctors and nurses.

Designations and certifications by official health care accrediting organizations tell you when a hospital goes above the norm to provide a higher quality of care.  

All of this information is available on the Internet.

Where to start

If you want to explore the information that is publicly available or search for a hospital based on its quality ratings, our online resources page is a good place to start. On that page we list many sources for information on quality at hospitals. We also provide a source for learning more about how hospital quality is measured.

To see quality of care information for Rush University Medical Center, and even compare it to national averages, visit these pages: