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Electronic Medical Records

Rush's electronic medical record-keeping system enhances every aspect of the patient experience, from admission to discharge. The electronic medical record (EMR) helps improve overall safety, efficiency and quality of care.

Rush's electronic medical record system provides the following:

  • A simplified, campus-wide registration system — patients need to register only once per visit, even if they are seeing multiple physicians.
  • Real-time information that enables caregivers to identify patient concerns even more promptly and immediately receive alerts for medication interactions or duplicate orders.
  • Point-of-care documentation so caregivers can enter information immediately into a patient's record while at the bedside.
  • The ability to check patient information (such as medication allergies) using bar code technology on patient wristbands.
  • Enhanced communication among clinicians, enabling efficient collaboration among caregivers efficiently on patient cases.
  • Internet access for patients to their own medical records and the ability to communicate with their doctor online.

How EMRs work

Coordination of care and immediate access to patient data are two key benefits of EMRs. Using a secure login, every doctor at Rush who treats a particular patient can quickly access that patient’s complete medical history to make the most informed and timely choices for the patient’s care. And when any doctor adds information to a patient’s file, those updates are immediately available to all of the patient’s physicians.

EMRs can increase patient safety in additional ways. The system features clinical decision support —pop-up alerts, reminders and checks for health care providers, such as a patient’s drug allergies and potentially harmful medication interactions. 

These are some of the reasons EMRs were on the radar at Rush before they appeared in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Accessing your own medical records online

MyChart is our online tool for accessing your own Rush medical record. MyChart gives you direct, secure access to your documented medical history, immunization records and other important parts of your health record.

MyChart is available to many Rush patients. Contact your health care provider’s office to learn more and to receive an activation code that will allow you to sign up.