Transforming Cancer Care in the Chicago Region

A letter for Mia Levy, MD, PhD, Sheba Foundation Director of the Rush University Cancer Center

Mia Levy

As an alum of Rush Medical College, returning to Chicago this year to lead the Rush University Cancer Center is a professional and personal homecoming for me.

My mother was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer during my first year of medical school, and she received her care here at Rush. She lived for seven years before she passed – she saw me graduate from medical school, get married and have my first child. Most important, she had a good quality of life throughout her care, and I have her team at Rush to thank for that.

Her experience led me to focus my medical training as an oncologist specializing in breast cancer and to complete a doctorate in biomedical informatics. I bring a unique skillset to Rush, with expertise in both clinical and patient care, and in applying focused uses of data to achieve the best patient outcomes.

At Rush we recognize that cancer research and treatment have reached a pivotal moment when health care providers can efficiently and effectively analyze each individual patient’s case at increasingly granular levels. We know more than ever before about treating the whole patient using supportive services and data technology and can better handle each case, thanks to breakthroughs in clinical trials.

We have laid the groundwork to perform comprehensive genetic testing and align specific treatment for each patient’s unique cancer case, bolstered by the best treatment options, expert multidisciplinary teams, clinical trials and strategic partnerships, all in one place.

Because of this, our vision is to transform Rush into a destination cancer center — one that provides data-informed care and advice that’s unmatched in the Chicago region. Developing this destination cancer center revolves around three guiding principles:

  • Excellent care with integrated, multidisciplinary teams
  • Novel diagnostics and therapeutics for patients
  • A learning health care system, in which the treatment of a patient today helps inform care of another tomorrow

This ambitious vision is so aligned with where my passion is, where my heart is and where the heart of Rush is as an institution. I am both humbled and honored to be leading this effort.

This is a bold goal. None of this will be possible without you, our donors and friends of Rush, who believe in the work we are doing to pioneer and implement advances in care. I hope you will join us in our vision to transform cancer care in Chicago.

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