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Rush University Is Bringing Innovative Education To The Table

Center for Innovative and Lifelong Learning launches new program to further education of spine specialists across the globe

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New Technology Simulates X-Ray Vision for Surgeons

Dr. Frank Phillips, a surgeon at Rush, was the first to use augmented reality imaging during a minimally invasive spine surgery.

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Get the Care You Need for Common Spine Conditions

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Patient Stories

Mark T.'s Story

Spine surgery put this avid hiker back on the trail

Donna and Mark Toft
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Spine Surgeons Face COVID-19 Challenges Worldwide

Spine surgeons across the world are experiencing effects of COVID-19, including canceled procedures, changes in clinical roles, anxiety and risk of exposure to the disease themselves due to insufficient protective equipment.

Patient Stories

Robert's Story

Taking the fear out of spine surgery

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The Power of Good Posture

An expert explains what good posture looks like, and the health benefits of standing and sitting tall

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5 Facts About Pain Relievers

What you need to know before you reach into the medicine cabinet

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The Future of Medicine

A look at how some current medical trends may help shape the future of medicine

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New Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury

In 2016, Chris' spine was severely injured in a biking accident. Now he has regained use of his arms after receiving a novel cell treatment at Rush.