Mental & Behavioral Health

Mental & Behavioral Health

How Veterans Serve Communities Beyond Active Duty

Veteran Ray Prieto shares his story and explains the importance of supporting veterans and their families year-round

Ray Prieto from Rush Road Home Program with wife, three kids and battalion behind him.
Mental & Behavioral Health

Reflections on Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma-informed care transforms patient care and the providers who deliver it.

Black female care provider with hand on shoulder of female patient of color
Children’s Health

Research Sheds Light on Autism’s Genetic Links

Children and parents gain insight from Rush-SPARK research results

Teenage research participant
Mental & Behavioral Health

Eating Disorders During COVID-19

The challenges of eating disorders in times of uncertainty

Eating disorder feature image
Mental & Behavioral Health

'Be Patient With Your Patients'

Nicholas Chien, MD, on his work in the Emergency Department as an addiction medicine fellow

Mental & Behavioral Health

Social Isolation and Loneliness

Learn why social isolation is a health risk and what we can do to combat it

Senior Man Sitting on Living Room On Tablet
Mental & Behavioral Health

Dating and Intimacy During COVID-19

How to safely make romantic connections with others


5 Things to Do While You Wait for the COVID-19 Vaccine

A Rush psychologist shares what she knows from counseling critically ill and recovering patients

Mental & Behavioral Health

Combating the Effects of Social Isolation

7 tips for safeguarding your wellness and well-being as the COVID-19 pandemic intensifies

Combatting Social Isolation
Mental & Behavioral Health

Finding Mental Health Support Amidst Dual Pandemics

Key mental health considerations for Black folks during COVID-19 and the fight for racial justice

Exhausted Black Man Sitting at Computer Rubbing Temple