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Lung Cancer Screening Saves Lives

Linda Dowling, RN, lung cancer screening program manager at Rush, shares her perspective on lung cancer and early detection.

Linda Dowling With Patient

A Message of Hope for Lung Cancer

Lung cancer specialist Philip Bonomi, MD, discusses the evolution of lung cancer care — and how his message to patients has evolved along with it.


Improvements in Lung Cancer Care

Early detection and advances in treatments have helped make lung cancer more treatable than ever before

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Lung Health

CT Scans for Lung Cancer: Lesser-Known Screening, Large Impact

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Get Back on Track With Health Screenings

Don't delay vital preventive care due to COVID-19 concerns

Lung Health

Front-Line Pandemic Work Raises Interest in Respiratory Therapy Career

respiratory care
Lung Health

Respiratory Therapists Keeping Many COVID Patients on Ventilators Alive

COVID-19 Ventilator
Lung Health

How Weed Legalization Affects Respiratory Care

man vaping
Lung Health

Vaping Dangers

Rush pulmonologist Mark Yoder, MD, discusses potential dangers of vaping along with symptoms that could be cause for concern.