9 Tips for Sun Protection

Stay safe in the sun during and after cancer treatment

sun protection - hat, glasses, sunscreen
Patient Stories

Victoria’s Story

Happy to return to in-person programs at Waterford Place, Victoria says, ‘There’s so much hope when you go there’

Facial at Waterford

The Healing Power of Creativity

Creative expression provides relaxation, pleasure and relief from stress, anxiety and pain

person painting, holding paint palette
Patient Stories

Nazli’s Story

Realizing she needed emotional support from others changed this cancer patient’s life

Nazil Bayer
Patient Stories

Denise's Story

Close attention and fast action catch a young mom’s lung cancer early

Justin Karush and Denise Tovar

What Happens After a Screening Mammogram Callback?

A request for more tests doesn't automatically mean breast cancer

Patient Stories

Karlie's Story

Within a few momentous weeks, Karlie Hey was crowned prom queen, graduated and completed chemo


Provider Spotlight: Kristi Niedzwiecki, Fitness Instructor

Teaching tai chi to help manage life’s challenges

Kristi Niedzwiecki, Fitness Instructor, Waterford Place

In Amanda’s Memory: Filling the Gaps in Pediatric Cancer

More than $126,000 has been raised in honor of Amanda Sarmiento to support osteosarcoma clinical research

Amanda and Joey Sarmiento
Patient Stories

Laura Rollins’ Story

Physicians, colleagues and patients helped oncology social worker Laura Rollins through her own gynecologic cancer journey

Laura Rollins