Brain Health & Conditions

Brain Health & Conditions

Concussion Care and Youth Sports

Neuropsychologist Elizabeth Pieroth, PsyD, MPH, discusses the latest guidance for concussion care and ways to reduce the likelihood of concussions in youth sports

Alzheimer’s Disease

Remaining Mentally Active May Delay Dementia Onset

Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center researchers examined impact of activities such as puzzles, games and reading

Mentally Active
Brain Health & Conditions

James Conners, MD, MS, FAHA, Named Chair of Neurological Sciences

Interim chair, stroke expert chosen after national search

James Conners, MD, Chair of Neurological Sciences
Patient Stories

Pati’s Story

Suffering with migraines for nearly 60 years, Pati finds relief from Botox injections

Pati Araujo-Drzewiecki receives botox treatment from Saju Abraham, MD
Brain Health & Conditions

5 Neurological Conditions You Can Treat With Botox

There’s a lot more to botulinum toxin than meets the eye

5 Neurological Conditions You Can Treat With Botox
Brain Health & Conditions

Rush Researchers Develop New Measure of Brain Health

“Cognitive clock” may enable assessment of risk for memory and thinking problems

Cognitive clock
Food & Nutrition

The Brain-Healthy MIND Diet

The latest on Rush's ongoing study of nutrition's link to cognitive health

Brain Health & Conditions

Treatment Found to Improve Cognitive Function in Patients With Fragile X Syndrome

Results from phase two study show improved language and daily functioning among participants

Elizabeth Berry-Kravis, MD, PhD
Patient Stories

Carson’s Story

Teen back on the football field two months after life-threatening stroke

Dr. Joshua Murphy and patient Carson Cathey
Brain Health & Conditions

8 Ways to Prevent Stroke and Spot Its Warning Signs

Learning the signs of a stroke can save lives and greatly improve outcomes

Susan Song