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Augmentative Communication for Autism

Aspire Children's Services
Eamon Shannon Center
Contact: Evon Mucek-Kucharczyk
1815 S. Wolf Road
Hillside, IL 60162
(708) 236-0979
Cook County
Augmentative communication evaluations, recommendations, device lending and support.
By appointment; evaluations billed to insurance.
No waiting list.

Autism Learn 101
Carol Rudd
(631) 821-1902
Web site is dedicated to making visually structured activities designed to help develop multiple skills for persons with autism. Many of their activities contain different levels, creating a connected hierarchy. Learn by doing, then progress to each higher level to expand learned skills.

By Your Side
Autism Language Center
Craig Martin

361 S. Frontage Road, Suites 129-131
Burr Ridge, IL 60527-5853
(888) 288-7667 or (847) 910-0013
DuPage County
Program intended for children and young adults who currently have access to communication devices but are not realizing the full potential of the device. The objective is to teach the child to navigate through routine activities using the device and to teach the family effective and efficient management of the device. The scope of the curriculum for the child includes language concepts, basic reading skills, communication skills, social interactions and interactive play skills. The curriculum also includes device programming (how and what), maintenance (quick fixes) and effective use in the home for parents.Clients must commit to a minimum of 3 months. Taking applications presently and will be conducting evaluations in August and September.
Business Hours: Monday-Saturday, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Ages: 2-21 years.
Private insurance accepted.
Cost: $125 (hourly rate); $225 (evaluation).
No wait list.

Chicago Public Schools
Office of Special Education and Supports

Web site designed to provide resources and information for parents, students, schools and community members to promote the success of all students with disabilities who attend Chicago Public Schools. Many parent resources. Browse through more than 100 pages of free printable items suitable for task creation.

DynaVox Technologies & Mayer-Johnson
Rebecca Miller, MS, pediatric consultant
Home-based office. Please contact Miller via phone.
(866) 396-2869, ext. 4073 (office)
(312) 622-8078 (cell)
Offers speech generating devices for individuals with speech and learning challenges. DynaVox V is a communication resource that allows a person to select symbols, pictures, letters, words or phrases to generate oral communication. Some people actually develop the ability to use natural speech through using a device. For more information on communication challenges of autism.
Ages: birth and up.
Private and public insurance accepted.
Cost: depends on device. Approx. $300-$8,000.
No wait list. 2-5 week turnaround time to receive device.

Sweeney, Augustin & Associates
Maureen Sweeney, PhD

5225 Old Orchard Road, Suite 44
Skokie, IL 60077
Cook County
(847) 583-9492
Provides augmentative and alternative communication.
Ages: 2 years and up.
Insurance not accepted.
Cost: $135-$150 (hourly rate).
No wait list.

WEE Speech, PC
Julie Levin, Speech Pathologist
8833 Gross Point Road
Skokie, IL 60077
(847) 329-8226
Cook County
Provides augmentative and alternative communication.
Ages: birth-18 years.
BCBS provider. Early intervention program.
No wait list.

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