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Autism Day School Programs

Special Education Cooperative
7600 S. Mason Ave.
Burbank, IL 60459
(708) 496-3330
Cook County
Provides special education programming for 12 school districts and provides a number of related services such as occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech services, social work, assistive technology and school nurses. See below information regarding autism programs.
Grades: 1-8.
Students are referred to the program after a referral from an A.E.R.O. early childhood placement or through a referral from their local school district.
No wait list.

Other Programs at A.E.R.O. 
Autism Dynamics Beginnings Program
Half-day education program designed for children who exhibit severe to moderate delays in one or more areas of development. Program utilizes the principles of applied behavior analysis for skill acquisition and behavior management and TEACCH for communication and structure.
Ages: 3-6.
Child must be screened first and given a case study evaluation with parent consent in order to enter the program.

Functional Academic Learning Program
Serves students with mild-moderate autism, cognitive, physical, behavioral, and/or health impairments in integrated school settings throughout member districts. Program addresses the need for each child and young adult to develop the academic and functional life skills necessary for adult life and to experience social interactions and relationships with peers in educational and community environments.
Ages: 5 and up.

Multi Needs Program
Serves students with severe/profound cognitive disabilities, multiple disabilities, physical impairments, health impairments, and/or autism within a self-contained educational setting. Daily instruction focuses on communication, socialization, daily living skills, leisure skills, motor development, community based instruction, health management, vocational training/instruction, behavior management, and assistive technology.
Ages: 3 and up.

Communication Development Program
Program serves students who have severe speech and language disorders. The students' disabilities include speech/language impairments, learning disabilities and high functioning autism. Criteria for entrance into the program include average intelligence and a severe impairment in the area of speech and communication.
Grades: 1 through 8.

Blue Cap
School Program
Marge Pyzac
1962 Broadway St.
Blue Island, IL 60406
(708) 389-8137
Cook County
Provides educational, therapeutic, self-help and pre-vocational services to students diagnosed with developmental disabilities, including autism. An emphasis is placed on cognitive, speech, gross motor, fine motor, social and self-help skills.
Ages: 3-21.
Cost: state funded.
Possible wait list.

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