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Autism Toys

  • AblePlay
    Toy rating system and website that provides comprehensive information on toys for children with special needs so parents, special educators, therapists and others can make the best choices for the children in their lives with disabilities.
  • Autism Resource Network
    Offers a bookstore for parents and educators with reference books and educational toys, plus a quarterly newsletter.
  • Beyond Play
    Early intervention products for young children with special needs.
  • Cat & Mouse Game Store
    1112 W. Madison St.
    Chicago, IL 60608
    (312) 465-2178
    Cook County
    Educational toys and board games for all skill levels, host to family events and workshops.
  • Discovery Toys
    Specializes in toys, books and games. Provides autism support symbols throughout catalog to find products that help support learning in six different areas (e.g. independent play, sustained engagement, cooperative play, etc.).
  • Fun and Function
    Website for professionals and parents that provides sensory toys and therapy equipment for special needs children to help learn adaptive responses for what they may lack or crave.
  • National Lekotek Center
    Lekotek makes play accessible to children with all types of disabilities through special play and learning centers where they can have fun with traditional toys, adapted toys, books and computers. 
  • Shining Abilities
    Contact: Andrea Lemke
    27068 W. Driftwood Court
    Lake Barrington, IL 60010
    (800) 885-6194
    Lake County
    Shining Abilities provides educational toys for autistic children. They offer a complimentary service that will put you in touch with an industry professional for personalized recommendations. Free membership includes: monthly newsletters that provide teaching tips, parenting tips, therapy strategies, and current information on autism spectrum disorders. 
    Ages: 2-12 years.
    Insurance not accepted. Price range for toys: $7.99-$149.99.
  • Special Needs Toys
    Toy items include: multisensory (e.g. bubble columns, fiber optics projectors, soft play), senses (e.g. visual mirrors, blacklight disco gadgets, moving parts, moving lights), auditory aromatherapy (e.g. noisy toys, CDs, DVDs, resonance), tactile (e.g. squidgy toys, soft toys) and much more.    
  • Toys R Us
    Toy Guide for differently abled kids. To receive a free issue of this catalog, go to the link above. This website provides a collection of toys for children with special needs.

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