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Sponsor the Future of Health Care With White Coats and Stethoscopes for M1s

For most doctors, the first time they use a stethoscope to listen inside another human being is unforgettable. It is a moment where the dream of working as a physician becomes a reality.

Next month, 137 promising future physicians will put on this symbolic combination for the first time at their white coat ceremony on September 17. Through past support, we have been able to provide white coats to the last three classes of incoming M1 students at Rush Medical College.

We are asking for your help by sponsoring both a stethoscope and a white coat for a deserving future physician. The cost to sponsor a stethoscope is just $150, and the cost to sponsor both a stethoscope and white coat is $200

This is an exciting time for our newest students as they embark on the most challenging four years of their lives. Your contribution will also provide a student with a daily reminder that you are committed to his or her success.

Sponsor a student with $200 so that every member of the Class of 2020 can benefit from this powerful message of support