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Six Great Reasons to Like Charitable Gift Annuities

If you struggle to understand volatile investment markets or are frustrated by low to near-zero interest rates, you may be able to increase spendable income through a charitable gift annuity. Rush University Medical Center’s gift annuity program is popular with many of our friends because of its safety and predictability. 

The following are six great reasons why donors like gift annuities:

Steady payments for life. When you create a gift annuity with Rush, you receive payments every quarter for as long as you live, and the amount will never change. If you wish to add a second beneficiary, payments continue throughout the life of the survivor.

Secure and dependable. Each Rush gift annuity is guaranteed by Rush, and you can feel secure that your payments will always be there.

Tax advantages. Your gift qualifies for an immediate charitable deduction and a portion of your payments will not be subject to state or federal income tax. If using highly appreciated stock to establish your gift annuity, you may be able to avoid capital gains taxes on the sale.

Age is everything.  Like many friends of Rush, you may be surprised by the rates available.  Charitable gift annuity rates are based on life expectancy and the beneficiary’s age. You may be able to establish a gift annuity now and realize significant tax benefits, but defer payments until a later year and receive a larger income stream.

Satisfaction. Every time a payment arrives, you’ll feel great knowing that your gift will benefit important programs at Rush.

Simple and easy. A personalized illustration is available for you to review with your advisor and family before making a decision. Just call or email the Rush Office of Philanthropy at (312) 942-6830.  It costs nothing for you to ask about a gift annuity, and there is never any obligation.

Gift Annuity Payment Rates
(As of May 1, 2015)

Selected Rates for One Person                                             Selected Rates for Two People of the Same Age

Age Rate Age Rate
90+ 9.0% 90/90 8.2%
85 7.8% 85/85 6.7%
80 6.8% 80/80 5.7%
75 5.8% 75/75 5.0%
70 5.1% 70/70 4.6%
65 4.7% 65/65 4.2%
60 4.4% 60/60 3.9%
55 4.0% 55/55 3.5%

Rush follows the guidelines set by the American Council on Gift Annuities, as do most charities.

Please contact Susan Sasvari, senior director of gift planning, at (312) 942-3691 or susan_sasvari@rush.edu to receive individual rate calculations.

Read more about charitable gift annuities at Rush.

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