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I Survived Breast Cancer Thanks to My Doctors

By Maha Ditsch

No matter who you are, cancer is scary. When I was diagnosed in December 2011, I was shocked. I have no family history of breast cancer and knew almost nothing about the disease. My sister, a physician, spoke with a colleague who said, “If she were my wife, I would advise her to go to Rush.”

I called Rush and was able to meet with a surgeon, oncologist and radiologist the next day. My team of doctors developed a comprehensive treatment plan right away; this reassured my family and me that we did not have to face my cancer alone. 

Throughout my treatment, everyone I met at Rush went above and beyond to ensure that I was as comfortable as possible. My oncologist, Dr. Lydia Usha (pictured above right), is amazing. She is thorough, caring and extremely knowledgeable about the latest advances in breast cancer treatment.

Thanks to Dr. Usha and all of my doctors at Rush, I began to feel like myself again within six months and have been in remission ever since. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the care that they provided. One of the ways I am able to recognize my doctors’ dedication and commitment is by giving to Rush and supporting my doctors’ work to advance patient care.

From Ditsch's doctor

“I am so grateful for the support I receive from my patients and their families," said Lydia Usha, MD. "Their generosity is particularly meaningful now because it allows me to continue my research at a time when funding is scarce. My hope is that together we can continue to make progress in the fight against cancer.”

Please join Ditsch in bringing hope to Rush patients and our community by making a gift in honor of your own doctor for National Doctor’s Day. When you give to Rush, you are helping people like me to  confidently beat diseases such as breast cancer.

Thank your doctor with a gift.

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