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I Can Run Again Thanks to My Doctor

By Lise Urbaczewski

Brian Cole, MD, MBA, gave me my life back. My active lifestyle was so important to me. As a college professor, I was constantly on my feet, and I loved running half-marathons with my kids. Then at 50, I developed horrible pain in my knee and had to seek out an orthopedic surgeon in Michigan, where I live.

My doctor gave me the devastating news that I had completely worn out the cartilage in my knee. When arthroscopic surgery and injections didn’t help, a knee replacement seemed like the only option. But my doctor knew that would limit me for the rest of my life. So my doctor sent me to Cole at Rush.

I made the trip from southeast Michigan to Chicago and immediately could tell I was in the right hands. Cole treated me like I was his only patient, even though he sees complicated cases every day and treats professional athletes. He was determined to ease my pain and suggested an innovative procedure, one usually performed on younger patients, to realign my knee.

Feeling completely confident in his skill and research in cartilage restoration, we scheduled the surgery. The procedure and recovery went better than I could have hoped for. Within months, I was back to being active with my family — with no pain.

I could not be more grateful to Cole for taking a chance on me and giving me my quality of life back. I made a gift to Rush to show my gratitude for the care I received and to support the advanced research that made my recovery possible.

If a physician at Rush has made a difference in your life, please join me in honoring them with a gift for Doctors’ Day. When you give to Rush, you make it possible to solve problems that once seemed impossible. 

Make a gift in honor of your Rush doctor.

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